Sunday, 4 March 2007


Taking advantage of the annual P&O ferry discounted trips, we drove to Hull and caught the night ferry across to Rotterdam. The usual bar entertainment and cabin saw us across the North Sea without seeing it.

Waking as we came into port, after coffee and breakfast in the cabin, we disembarked for a long day ashore calling at Gouda and Delft. Two minutes later, I realised that I had left the camera in the cabin...
Gouda, home of famous yellow waxed cheese is like most if not all Dutch towns, full of canals. A walk around reveals it is a compact town, with an impressive cathedral Sint Janskerk with masses of stained glass. The Stadhuis (town hall) has a clock work carillon that every 30 minutes has a puppet show of Earl Floris V granting the town charter. Nearby, at the end of the central market square, is the old cheese weigh-house. The adjacent cheese shop stocked gouda of different ages and sizes.
Delft, a 30 minute drive away was our lunch stop at the Waag (old weigh house). We then clambered up the Nieuwe Kerk (new church) bell tower for fabulous views of the town. A walkabout revealed more canals and the older church with it's leaning bell tower. Delft is famous for it's blue pottery and the historic market square is surrounded by shops selling it. All tat!
A very pleasant day though. Return to Rotterdam for the ferry back to Hull.

Back in Hull, just the drive home to endure...

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